About GPX Diamonds

  1. Meet Mr. Bakshi, the owner of GPX Diamonds, a diamond company in New Delhi.
  2. Since March 25th, 2023, Mr. Bakshi has been selling lab grown diamonds, natural diamonds, and diamond jewelry.
  3. His office is situated in Lado Sarai, New Delhi, with the zip code 110030.
  4. Mr. Bakshi has partnered with India's top diamond manufacturer, offering a massive stock of up to 25,000 diamonds, especially lab grown ones.
  5. GPX Diamonds is special because they have huge quantity of lab grown diamonds, more than anyone else.
  6. Mr. Bakshi is happy to get you any diamond you want right away.
  7. Even though GPX Diamonds is new, they sell diamonds at wholesale prices, which means you can buy them for much less than usual.
  8. Quality is supreme at GPX Diamonds. All diamonds are 100% genuine and come with certificate from famous organizations like IGI and GIA.
  9. There's no compromise on quality, ensuring customers get superb diamonds every time.
  10. While they ship worldwide, GPX Diamonds primarily serves customers in India. Whether you're in New Delhi or anywhere else, GPX Diamonds promises excellence in diamonds and service.
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