What is the diamond price in India?

What is the diamond price in India?

People really like diamonds because they are very beautiful and special. In India, diamonds are important because they are used for many things like fancy jewelry for weddings and also as investments. But how do we decide how much diamonds cost in India? Let’s explore this to understand why diamonds are priced the way they are.

You might have heard the name "4 Cs"

Cut | Clarity | Color | Carat

The cost of a diamond depends a lot on four things called the "4Cs" - cut, clarity, its color, and how big it is. Each of these things is super important in deciding how good and valuable a diamond is.

diamond price in India

Diamond cut, polish, symmetry


  • When we talk about the cut of a diamond. We mean how it's shaped?
  • How even it is?
  • How smooth it looks?

A diamond that's cut well reflects light really nicely, making it sparkle and look super pretty. Diamonds that are cut really well cost more because they shine brighter and look better.


  • Clarity is about how clear a diamond is?
  • If there are any marks or flaws inside or outside the diamond?
  • Diamonds with fewer marks are worth more money because they're clearer and more perfect.


  • Diamonds can be different colors. Some are clear, which is the best.
  • Others can be yellow or brown, which aren't as valuable.
  • Some diamonds are special colors like pink, yellow or blue, and people really want them because they're rare and cool.

Carat Weight:

  • Carat weight just means how big the diamond is?
  • Bigger diamonds usually cost more money?

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Market Factors

Other than the 4Cs, there are some things in the market that affect how much diamonds cost in India.

Supply and Demand:

Diamond prices change when more people want them or when there are fewer diamonds available. This happens because of how many diamonds there are and how many people want to buy them.

If lots of people want diamonds, but there aren't many available, the price goes up. But if there are lots of diamonds and not many people want them, the price might go down.

Exchange Rates:

Because diamonds are bought and sold all over the world, changes in how money is worth in different countries can change how much they cost in India.

Economic Conditions:

When the economy isn't sure what's going to happen, things like how much stuff costs, how much money the country makes, and if people feel good about spending money can all affect how much diamonds cost.

When people aren't sure about the economy, they might not want to spend money on fancy things like diamonds as much. So, when that happens, diamond prices might go down.

Import Duties and Taxes:

When the Indian government charges import taxes and fees, it can make diamonds more expensive when they're sold in stores.

The Role of Certification:

When you buy diamonds in India, make sure they come with a paper saying they're good. The papers should be from places like the Gemological Institute of America or the International Gemological Institute. These papers tell you if the diamond is real and if it's good quality. It helps you pick the right diamond.

In Conclusion:

In India, diamond prices can go up and down because of different reasons. But if you know about the 4Cs and how the market works, you can make better choices when buying diamonds. Whether you want a shiny engagement ring or are thinking about investing in diamonds, knowing stuff is super important for figuring out prices in India.

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